Search Ads On Google Play As Well As Novel App Promo Tools Ringlet Out To Advertisers As Well As Developers

People plough to their phones billions of times a twenty-four hr menstruum for I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do, together with I want-to-buy moments. And inward these intent-rich moments, they oftentimes plough to apps to teach what they need. Runners may search for a “mileage tracker” app every bit they start preparation for a marathon, foodies may hold back for “restaurant” apps to cheque out the trendiest novel places inward town, together with frequent fliers may search for “top games” to play earlier a long flight. In fact, search is 1 of the biggest drivers of app installs inward the Play Store.

That’s why we’re investing inward novel ways to assistance people detect apps amongst Search Ads on Google Play together with innovating on novel technologies to simplify crusade administration together with improve mensuration for developers.

They’ve arrived: Search Ads on Google Play

Search Ads on Google Play volition stimulate to curl out today to all advertisers together with developers who operate Search app install campaigns on AdWords.

Google Play reaches to a greater extent than than 1 billion people on Android devices inward to a greater extent than than 190 countries. With such an extensive reach, Search Ads on Google Play tin render consumers novel ways to detect apps that they otherwise mightiness conduct missed together with assistance developers drive to a greater extent than awareness of their apps.

Companies similar together with Nordeus are already extending their app promotion strategy to include showing ads on the Play Store.

Tomislav Mihajlović, CMO of Nordeus shared that, “Search has already been a primal cistron of our app promotion strategy to accomplish high-quality users. With novel Search Ads on Google Play, nosotros conduct an fifty-fifty bigger chance to connect amongst people inward the moments they’re looking for novel apps to download. We are already seeing significantly to a greater extent than app installs from Search amongst the add-on of Google Play inventory for our game Top Eleven.”

Improved conversion tracking for Android

As nosotros expand the opportunities for developers to promote their apps, we’re also committed to providing conversion tracking tools that piece of employment seamlessly across channels together with align amongst whichever mensuration solution a developer chooses to use. That’s why we’re introducing Android root app opens, a novel conversion tracking solution that measures when a user root opens an app afterwards clicking on an promotion together with completing an Android app install. In add-on to providing app conversion tracking across Search, Display together with YouTube, this novel solution also allows developers to improve align the conversion book they meet inward AdWords amongst the information they meet inward a third-party mensuration solution. First app opens are the touchstone conversion type for third-party solutions, then we’re working amongst primal partners similar Tune, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Adjust together with Apsalar to ensure information consistency together with give developers the liberty to operate reporting together with optimization features across AdWords together with third-party solutions of their choice.

An fifty-fifty easier agency to scale your app install ads across Google networks

In a few weeks, Universal App Campaigns volition brand it fifty-fifty easier to promote your apps on Google Play together with across all Google properties, including: Search, YouTube, the AdMob in-app network, together with the 2M+ sites on the Google Display Network. Simply permit us know what your promotion volition say, who you lot desire to reach, your budget together with target cost-per-install, together with we’ll produce the rest.

As the apps ecosystem continues to grow, we’re dedicated to creating products that assistance developers teach their apps to the users who volition beloved them. From adding search ads to Google Play, to improving Android conversion tracking together with simplifying crusade administration amongst Universal App Campaigns, nosotros promise these novel tools volition convey fifty-fifty to a greater extent than success to our app developer community.

Posted past times Surojit Chatterjee, Director, Product Management, Mobile Search Ads

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